Children's Party Plus offers a wide variety of characters inspired from your child's favorite fairytales and books. We strive to have not only the best characters, but to have the the most kind, professional staff in the Carolinas. Our character roster includes more than thirty of your child's everyday favorites. 

Don't see a character you need? Give us a call and let's chat about it, we may be able to assist!

Need a custom character? Give us a call we love custominzing for clients (an additional fee will apply)!

Please note character availability has shifted due to Covid. We are adding some new characters while some older ones are saying goodbye. As a note we will not be adding any new mascot style characters the remainder of 2020.


  Beauty Princess


    Crowned Princess 


                      Warrior Princess


                        Fairest Princess


Sunflower Fairy


             Farm Girl & Wicked Witch




  Fire Pup


    Spider Hero 


Holiday Helpers


                    Ms. Holiday Mouse



Island Princess


Frost Sisters (Original )


Tower Princess


 Frost Sisters (2nd Movie)


Unicorn Fairy


Pink Troll


  Mr. Mouse


                         Flying Pup


Panther Hero




Santa Mouse



                Glass Slipper Princess


                     Bayou Princess


                       Genie Princess


                     Mermaid Princess 


                           Water Fairy


                 Huggable Snowman


               Ms. Mouse (Red or Pink) 


                           Police Pup


                     Blue Cat Hero




                         Easter Bunny