Our beautiful rose princess is off reading now, she will be excited to attend many parties and events!


Invite our latina princess on adventure in your kingdom! She'll come to take photos, tell her story and more. 


Oh my!  Our princess just left her tower and wants to come to your party, invite her over for some fun!


Our Lillypad princess loves to hop over for a fun time, she'll tell her story coming from the Bayou. She's sure to bring smiles to any party! 


Our mermaid princess is happy to be a part of your world, she will come in her walking tail to show how fun it is being under the sea!


The fairest of them all has joined the kingdom, invite her to your party!


Our Arabian princess will fly in on the magic carpet for your next occasion, she'll even bring the magic lamp for more fun.


This strong princess loves to share about her quest to become stronger, while staying a princess. She makes a great addition to any princess party!


Brrrr! Invite the snow princess to your child's next party, she loves to build snowman's and goof around. She loves being booked with everyone's favorite snowman!


This curious girl is ready to WONDER into your next party, she loves tea, rabbits but most importantly FUN. Invite her to your next party!