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Upcoming Events & Special Appearances

Our cast here at Children's Party Plus LOVES events and special occasions! You know the put on your cutest outfit, dust off that favorite dress type of occasion. The WOW! We never get to truly experience this type of experience as a family occasion. And our owner's favorite the I wish I had a photo of that and ironically our photographer captured exactly that moment occasion. 

We're in the MAGIC making business and we tend to show off more of the magic at our Children's Party Plus presents events.

We originated specialty non holiday character dining experiences in the Queen City and we're just getting started.  From our Mother's Day High Tea to our Frozen Breakfast Affair to our Painting with a Princess immersive, engaging and entertaining is always the goal! 

New Events Coming Soon

Frozen Breakfast Affair

Mother's Day High Tea

Where will we be next?

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